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We provide free legal assistance to motorists and other road users about road traffic and other motoring offences and all aspects of insurance, accident and injury claims in the UK.

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ask your question at Law Answers using the form provided one of our lawyers will respond to you personally by email (usually within the day) we will anonymise future of highways the question and publish the answer online for the benefit of others in a similar predicament if you give us specific permission to do so.

If you face a ban for getting 12 penalty points we will provide you with legal representation on a no-win-no-fee basis. We refund legal fees if you lose your licence. We have a SENSATIONAL record when it comes to defending motorists in road traffic offence cases":

75 % of the prosecutions (or potential prosecutions) have been withdrawn or discontinued after highway code representations have been made on the client's behalf.
Of these 75% the panel solicitors managed to obtain defendant's costs orders recovering all legal expenses for 50% so the service was of no cost at all to them.
The figure would have been 100% if they had all been at court but we won some before they even got that far!
For the remaining 25% of prosecutions we were instructed to try and save their licences and all applications were successful.

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His primary duties include managing the workload of on-road Traffic Officers and working with the police to manage incidents on the motorways in the West Midlands.

Focus road spending on maintaining existing roads to a good and safe standard and encourage our politicians to stop seeing road development as the panacea of positive image, big bucks and lucrative employment deals. Rather, seeing that a more balanced, integrated approach to transport, which puts the environment and safety first, is a fairer, more realistic and attractive approach to take.

North Yorkshire awards Highway Maintenance contract.

To have a more rigourous system for vehicle inspection with more spot checks and enforcement of poor maintenance, dirty exhausts and worn tyres leading to tougher penalties with extensive corrective training as well as the usual fines and enforcement systems e.g.: German 'model'; for MOT test.

We regularly update our fleet and have recently purchased five new transit vans as illustrated below.

Improvements in power are best gauged by the spread of increased BHP over a useable rev range not just in peak power.

Highways is the project that aims to create detailed route descriptions for every three-digit A-road in Great Britain.